We get on with your people management so you can get on with running your business


What keeps you awake at night?

The resounding responses from the BDHQ 2016 survey

(by all accounts this has not changedwhen asked

“what keeps you awake at night’ was:

“I’m constantly putting out fires”

“Will everyone turn up for work tomorrow?”

“Am I meeting my FairWork obligations?”

“I need more clients to be able to pay my employees”

“Am I paying them correctly?”

Through our combined experience we have identified the 3 most common problems that employers and managers of small and medium size business owners face.

These are what really keep them away at night. We know because we’ve been there. Do you relate to any of these?

Time Poor

Until you step into the world of business ownership you have no idea the volume of work that really goes on behind closed doors.

You find yourself changing hats every hour, sometimes several times in one hour.  CEO, Team Leader, Mentor, Bookkeeper, Marketer, the list goes on.

Even if you have employees working in each of these areas the onus still falls back on you.

You don’t get the luxury of ‘clocking off’.

How do we do it?


Employee Issues

Seriously this can sometimes be more stressful than the cash flow worries.

Simple communication can be misconstrued, and a little gossip can upend a team.

Often there are no clear guidelines and expectations for the employees to follow.

Often your employees just don’t get it.

Get the systems and processes right then the employee dynamics in place and you will have a streamlined more cohesive business. Get it wrong and you may just want to hang up your hat.


Cash flow is Lumpy

This is a universal problem regardless of the size of your business.

Often it is a constant juggling act – which bill to pay? Have I enough aside for wages, superannuation, PAYG, work cover, payroll tax?

The financial juggling act.

The business owner is generally the last to be paid but has the constant of financial pressure 24/7.


 “Talent wins Games but

Teamwork wins Championships”

Michael Jordan

Do you want to get back to enjoying your business?

Do you remember why you went into business in the first place?

Do you want to get out from under that mountain of work, to make some positive changes in your business and for you?

Would having a clear system and structure in place that is streamlined for your business and your employees help? 

    Business Dimensions have solutions that will give you the freedom to grow your business through your people.

    A solution that will:

    Give you more time

    Give you peace of mind around your employee relations obligations

    Structure to build a high performing team leading to positive cashflow

    The trap we can fall into (we know because we’ve been there) is we focus on time, fear and the bottom line. In constant flight or fight mode, pumping the adrenalin through our bodies, living and breathing constant stress.

    Our goal is to have you enjoying your business again, managing it well and able to go on holidays having the peace of mind that you will still have a profitable business when you return.

    Everything we undertake in your business is based on The 3 Pillars of Business Dimensions HQ



    • For your business
    • For your body
    • For your mental health


    • For your business
    • In your fitness
    • In your mental health


    • For your business
    • For your team
    • For you

    NO 2  businesses, managers or leaders are the same and we do not begin to assume we know what you should or shouldn’t have.

    Our approach to your business is as individual as each individualised plan we set.

    Our team are from diverse business backgrounds all with solid business acumen. We apply commercial intelligence to your business. Asking you the right questions to uncover your own answers.

    Our combined experience of more than fifty years, working with hundreds of clients including Woolworths, State and Federal Government Departments, City Councils, Amcor Packaging, Zupps, The Coffee Club, SRS Insurance, Boeing, Chep… as well as holding various paid and unpaid board positions has provided us with a wealth of experience to share and implement for small and medium businesses. Both Directors having owned our own businesses with at times in excess of four hundred employees, full time and casual,  we sit comfortably at the board room table and in the staff room.

    We understand the real issues.

    If you employ people, then you are in the people business.

    People are the core of any business.

    Businesses don’t make decisions, people do.

    Your greatest asset is your people (your employees) and usually the biggest expense on your balance sheet.

     Get this right and your business will thrive.

    We get on with your people management so you can get on with running your business

    If you find yourself:

    • wondering where to start now you’ve decided to grow your business


    • working harder and longer and still not getting everything done
    • feeling exhausted
    • stress on your family as you are not around much
    • you are constantly thinking ‘work’
    • wondering where the next dollar is coming from
    • given up on employees and try to do it all yourself
    • lowering your prices to get clients
    • wishing you could go back to 9 to 5, then clock off

    Then reach out to us – even for just a conversation.

    We would love the opportunity to chat with you.



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