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Alison McGrath

Alison McGrath


We wish we had a dollar for every time a business owner we meet say their biggest headache is their employees.

It does not have to be that way.

Alison & Graham have been business professionals for over 25 years both owning multi-million-dollar businesses. Over this time our entrepreneurial talents have enabled us to grow and sell a number of businesses. Our last enterprise had 26 full-time employees and on any one day may have up to 400 casuals out in the field.

​Our mix of services are unique with extensive experience in developing financial models to allow you to quickly understand trends in your business.

Providing solutions for your employee relations obligations then working with you building strong, focused, high performing teams.

We have identified 3 common problems that SME’s face

when it comes to their people management and compliance.


Graham Smith

Graham Smith


The 3 common problems SME’s face:

Time Poor

You don’t get the luxury of “clocking off’”.



of performance management and dismissal.



with never-ending employee issues.


To throw into that mix tired and stressed business owners – well that’s where we come in.

           BUT that’s not all. Wellness is part of our DNA.

Alison is a qualified health and fitness professional and her belief is that every business owner, CEO, and senior manager must be physically and mentally fit. For your business sake, you need to be on top of the game. You set the tone for the rest of the team.

You will be surprised just how powerful this can be plus you feel amazing yourself.

Your brain is your advantage but if you are not providing it the energy and nurturing it you may just find your edge is lost. Linking fitness and business.

 Having worked  and taught in the fitness industry during the 80’s and 90’s and       again combining business and fitness for the past 18 months Alison has           identified 3 key problems that men and women face as they immerse     themselves in their business.

1.       Gain weight through not eating regularly  or overindulging too often

2.       Lack the time to exercise

3.       Feel too tired plus they don’t particularly like gyms

Our mission is to change and support the lives of busy men and women as they juggle their business and personal lives – to have them performing at their peak, feeling amazing and having a healthy business.

To solve these problems and more we provide solutions so you can:

  1. Have time to focus on your core business
  2. Satisfied, happy employees = happy, satisfied customers
  3. You feel in control, calm with a semblance of work/life balance.

We are on a mission to delete ‘good enough’ from the workplace. Let’s get it right.

Alignment With The Global Goals For Sustainable Development

Business for Good

By helping businesses thrive we can make the dreams of business owners a reality. We create a positive impact on the world. Business for good will change people’s lives.

We join with many other SME’s similarly aligned with the UN’s goals for sustainable development and imagine a world where every day, every business makes a giving impact. We proudly support BUY1GIVE1 giving projects.


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