We make your people management & HR compliance

simple – so you get it right. 


BDHQ makes your people management and your HR compliance simple – so you get it right.

Giving you peace of mind so you can get on with your business



Legally Compliant Software Solution

  • Employment Contracts

Full time, Part-time, Fixed Term, Casuals

  • Documentation

200+ HR, IR & Safety documents

Fully customisable

  • Streamlined Induction

Tracked acceptance by your employees

  • Performance Review System
  • Automatic updates

When changes in legislation

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  • Proactive Compliance Review

               By the legal team

  • Workplace Documents

Including your employment contracts, employee relations policies. All your employment relations compliance

  • Award Service
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Insured up to $2M

  • Legal Representation

Legal fees are also covered

  • 24/7 Advice Line to Employment Relations Advice

One fixed fee protecting your business against risk including unfair dismissal, bullying, dismissals……

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Just Starting Out

Start-Up Pack

Includes the essential policies, checklists & guidelines

From $295

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For All Your HR Requirements

Don’t fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to HR.

When something goes wrong it’s too late.

That’s when you may be hit with substantial fines plus many hours fixing the issues.

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“Done For You Service”

Maybe you are spending hours Googling what the right award to use for your employees?

What type of leave are they entitled to?

You can lose countless hours trying to find these answers.

Some business owners ask their accountant or lawyer but the problem there is they have to then do the research which creates a costly invoice for you. All this takes time and time is money.

Ultimately it is cheaper and easier to have your systems, processes and operations in place and correct from the start.

If you don’t have the correct clauses in your contract you are the one who is at risk as the business owner. I didn’t know is not an accepted excuse. If you make small mistakes you are the one who is personally and professionally impacted.

Who would want to be lumbered with a huge back pay or taken to court and have your reputation tarnished?

This ‘done for you’ service has a team of employment lawyers who represent you – not just generalised but specific and bespoke. An extension of your team to give you peace of mind.

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