Grow your business through your people


Making strategic choices for growth can be challenging.

As can be aligning what everyone does in your business to the goals of your business.

Often these decisions or rather lack of taking them to fruition comes down to being time poor or lack of knowhow.

“Human connection is the new strategy”

Grow your business through your people.

People appear more connected through social media, but science shows people are in fact more disconnected. 

BDHQ offers coaching, team training and development with you or for you

To not only grow your team but to develop a high performing team.

36o° Peer to Peer Feedback

An exciting tool to accurately assess the performance of individuals within your business. Taking into account various perspectives from employees, leaders and managers all in a confidential manner.

Benefits for you, your business and your employees:

  • Increases self-awareness
  • Provides a balanced view from a variety of people
  • Leverages strengths for career growth and business effectiveness
  • Uncovers blindspots
  • Skills development
  • Increases employee engagement


Individual DiSC Profiling

  • Workplace
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Sales

Individual Talent Dynamics

One to One Coaching


Team Building Workshops

Interactive and fun sessions to build cohesive and high performing teams.

Taking people out of their comfort zones, challenging them, questioning them and encouraging them to think differently.

  • DiSC
  • Wealth Dynamics
  • Team Dynamics
  • Experiential Workshops



Building High Performing Individuals and Teams

BDHQ delivers highly motivating, interactive group training or on-to-one coaching to develop strong leaders and build high performing, cohesive work teams.

Productivity and teamwork are critical in any business to achieve and exceed operational outcomes.

What happens when everyone in the team do not get along? The ability to adapt and work with different personalities in the workplace is the key.

BDHQ works with individuals to understand their behaviour style and how they interact with others. Show them how they can adapt their behaviour to create more meaningful interactions and relationships within the workplace.

Employee engagement, productivity, commitment and respect increases when people learn to

adapt their communication and actions in different ways to the needs of each other.

Performance Appraisals & Conversations

Often employees are doing concentrated, high-level work but don’t actually get to know what is happening in their workplace.

How do people know what you expect unless you tell them?

How do they know they are doing well?

 “Employees come to work to add value

so make it less transactional

and more human.”

Performance conversations with every employee are critical. Research along with our experience has demonstrated that trusted feedback between employee and manager is one of the greatest impacts on employee engagement, their motivation along with growth in results.

BDHQ offers coaching, documentation and systems allowing you to implement effective appraisals and conversations into your workplace.

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